Activity Report


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Every night, Commander takes a snapshot of the activity that has taken place on your virtualized infrastructure during that day. Commander aggregates all this information in the Activity Report, which displays an overview of the activity that has taken place in Commander since it was first installed or from the date you installed a newer version of Commander.

The report includes information for Commander activity for areas such as:

  • Inventory — Your virtualized inventory, displaying what the starting values were when you first installed Commander and the ending values which reflect the activity up to yesterday
  • Cost Configuration — The cost information that you set up in the Configuration > Costs window (storage costs for a VM are calculated by Commander based on whether or not the VM is thin-provisioned or thick-provisioned)
  • Reports — The number of times each report has been generated
  • Automation — The number of times automated activities, such as policies firing and datastores being scanned, have occurred
  • Users — User and organization activity
  • Reclamation — What VMs are available for you to reclaim, displaying the number of VMs and their size
  • Expiry — Powered on and powered off VMs in their various stages of the expiry timeline, displaying CPU reservations, memory and storage usage
  • Installation History — Commander installation and upgrades
  • Rightsizing Configuration — Rightsizing configuration information
  • Variables — Variables used in workflows
  • REST API — REST API V3 and V2 calls that have been made