When you assign a placement attribute value to a published service, you're identifying the requirements of that published service to help ensure that services are deployed to the best destination.

  1. Click Edit Placement Attributes.
  2. In the Edit Placement Attributes dialog, in the Not Required pane, select an attribute value that's provided by this destination and click Add to move it to the Required pane.
  3. Click OK to close the Edit Placement Attributes dialog.
  4. The placement attribute values you've assigned to this service are displayed on the Placement page.
  5. For a placement attribute with selectable values, use the Up and Down arrow buttons to order the attribute values by preference. For example, if a service can be deployed on either private or public cloud, but private cloud is preferable, make sure the Private Cloud attribute value is first in the list.

For more information, see Configure Placement Attributes.

What's next?

When you have finished, click Next to go to the Visibility page in the wizard.