Commander Database Maintenance

In large, busy environments, it can be useful to purge historical data from the Commander database to minimize database size and maintain Commander performance.

In a new Commander installation, a default Purge Historical Data task runs weekly, purging events and tasks older than a year. See Schedule Historical Data Purges to learn how to disable or edit this task.

You can also purge historical data when you want, select the types of data to purge and specify the age at which data purge is triggered, and create multiple tasks if you need to purge different types of data on different schedules.

Important considerations before purging data

  • Data that's purged from the Commander database is permanently deleted.
  • If you want to delete billing records, ensure that you always back up your database before performing a purge. You may also want to generate a VM Billing Report before purging billing records. For more information, see VM Billing Report.
  • It's also recommended that you use a monitoring solution to make sure you don't run out of disk space unexpectedly.