Prepare vCenter Networking for Fencing

Preparing networking is the first step in configuring fenced networks. See Network Fencing for an overview of the entire process.

Each fenced service you deploy requires a dedicated vLAN. Because the vLANs can't be shared, it's important to configure your cloud account with enough vLANs to ensure that service fulfillment is possible.

Commander assigns the next available vLAN from those available in the deployment destination.

If your deployment destination is a cluster, you must either have a distributed switch configured for the cluster, or each host in the cluster must have an identical VLAN portgroup configured on each host with a standard switch.

Create a block of non-routable vLANs with no network services available on the backing switch or switches that will be used only for fencing. During deployment, Commander will create the portgroups on the vLAN based on the configuration of the deployment destination.

When configuring the network, if you're using standard switches, make sure to set the security policy on the vSwitch to accept promiscuous mode so that it's ready to handle all service requests, no matter what communications configuration has been selected. If you use distributed switches, Commander creates the portgroup and configures it appropriately.

What's next

Create IP Pools Dedicated to Fencing