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The Guest OS Summary Report displays guest operating system information for the VMs in your virtualized infrastructure. Use the Guest OS Summary Report for license tag compliance purposes. For example, you can use this report to help you carry out a yearly audit to discover how many Windows licenses are being used in your virtualized environment.

The Guest OS Details table displays, for each guest operating system, how many VMs are running and not running, how many templates exist, the total number of VMs and templates, and the operating system support costs.

The optional Guest OS VM List table lists all guest operating systems used in your virtual infrastructure and provides the name of each VM using that guest OS, as well as individual and total OS costs.

In the Guest OS VM List, for VMs in SCVMM cloud accounts, the Datacenter column provides the name of the closest parent folder.

The OS Costs in this report are based on the values configured in cost models. For more information, see Operating System page.

You can select the currency for your report. All costs shown in the report will be converted to this currency.

This report doesn't support any markup or discount cost adjustments you've made to the cost model and isn't available for Service Portal users.