Inventory Summary

In the Admin Portal, when you select the root node of the Inventory tree, the Summary tab displays a high-level picture of your cloud infrastructure. You can use the root node's Summary tab to monitor your inventory in the Infrastructure, Applications, and Storage views.

  • In the Infrastructure and Applications view, the Summary tab includes the following sections:
    • Public Cloud — Displays the number of deployments and virtual networks for your public cloud accounts.
    • Private Cloud — Displays the number of datacenters, hosts, datastores, and networks for your private cloud accounts.
    • Kubernetes — Displays the number of namespaces, nodes, and pods for your Kubernetes resources.
    • My Dashboard — Displays counts of VMs and other cloud infrastructure elements based on searches that are important to you.
  • In the Storage view, the Summary tab displays the number of cloud accounts, datacenters, hosts, datastores, VMs and templates in and out of inventory, and volumes.

My Dashboard

The My Dashboard section of the Summary tab, which is displayed for the Infrastructure and Applications view, provides a list of up to eight searches about your VMs and other cloud infrastructure inventory. Use My Dashboard to see your most relevant and important counts at a glance. As your requirements change, you can replace one, some, or all of the searches in My Dashboard. For more information about creating and saving searches, see Search Cloud Data.

You can click on any value in My Dashboard to open up the detailed search results. For information about working with saved searches, see Run and Schedule Saved Searches.