Offline VM Aging Savings Report


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Use the Offline VM Aging Savings Report to help you determine how many powered-off VMs you have and what your potential annual savings would be if you remove those powered off VMs from your environment.

The summary section of the report displays:

  • A summary of in-inventory and out-of-inventory VMs, their size, potential storage savings and potential software and support savings. Storage costs for a VM are calculated by Commander based on whether or not the VM is thin-provisioned or thick-provisioned.
  • Allocated disk space used in incremental periods for in-inventory and out-of-inventory VMs.
  • Potential savings you could realize on software, support, and disk space if you had reclaimed the VMs.
  • The number of VMs that have been offline in incremental periods.

If a VM had its name changed after it was added to Commander, the new name doesn't appear in the list of VMs in VM Details. You must look for the original name.

Click VM Details to view detailed information about how much you could save in costs per year (Potential Savings) by VM if that VM was removed from your environment.

The costs displayed in the report will be converted to the currency you select. Currency conversion will use the latest conversion rate.

This report doesn't support any markup or discount cost adjustments you've made to the cost model and isn't available for Service Portal users.