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The Over-Provisioned Disk Summary Report provides information about the assigned resources for your cloud infrastructure.

You must scan the datastore before you can generate the Over Provisioned Disk Summary report.

Use this report to determine whether you are assigning too many resources to VMs with Windows guest operating systems or if you have resources that you aren't aware of and aren't being used. You can then resize your VMs or change the default size you set when provisioning VMs.

The summary information for the report displays the number of VMs, the total VM storage used and the total costs based on the annual costs entered for your environment. You can select the currency for your report. All costs shown in the report will be converted to this currency. For more information, see Cost Models.

Costs for the top five over-provisioned VMs are also displayed. The numbers are calculated based on the cost for the VM since it was provisioned. Commander calculates the storage costs for a VM based on whether or not the VM is thin-provisioned or thick-provisioned.

This report doesn't support any markup or discount cost adjustments you've made to the cost model and isn't available for Service Portal users.