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The Reclamation Report indicates how many resources including disk space, memory, and CPU usage will be reclaimed automatically through use of the Expiry policy. It also indicates how many resources will be available for reallocation. Storage resources for a VM are calculated by Commander based on whether or not the VM is thin-provisioned or thick-provisioned.

Use the Reclamation Report to help you forecast resources that you may be able to reclaim. For example, if you want to determine what your resource requirements will be for the next quarter, run this report and look at what resources are coming available. Then, combine the information on this report with the information in the Population Trending Report so that you can make your determination based on what resources are coming available plus what the trend is for the next quarter.

The Reclamation Report is based on the number of VMs with expiry dates in your virtualized environment and an Expiry policy with the policy options set for one or any combination of:

  • stop the VMs
  • remove the VMs from the inventory
  • delete the VMs from the disk

Although the Expiry policy must be set up, you don't have to enable the Expiry policy to take advantage of this report.

To generate this report, select the time range either by period or by date. Then, select the interval range for the report and continue with other optional filters, as described in Generate and Schedule Reports.