Set Terraform Resource Ownership

You can set which organizations and users you want to be the owners of Terraform backends.

This allows Service Portal users to see backends and their infrastructure resources, along with the configurations for those resources.

Assigned ownership of backends also allows Service Portal users and non-superuser Admin Portal users to request configuration changes to Terraform resources as they appear in the state files. For more information, see Change Requests for XaaS Resources.

When you set the ownership for a backend, it's applied to both the backend and all of the infrastructure resources that belong to the backend. You can't set the ownership for individual resources.


Views > Inventory

Available to:

Commander Roles of Superuser and Enterprise Admin

Administrator Access Rights

  1. Select the Terraform tab.
  2. Select one or more backends.
  3. Select Actions > Set Ownership.
  4. In the Set Ownership dialog, select who you want to give ownership to:
    • Add an organization — From Organization, select a listed organization.
    • Assign individual owners — From Add Owners, enter the username or email address of a user and click Add.

      You can add multiple owners; the first owner you add is automatically set as the primary owner.

      If you didn't already select an organization, when you set ownership to an organization member, their organization is automatically selected. If the assigned users belong to multiple organizations, the first organization of the first user is selected, but you can change this assignment.

  5. Optional: To assign an IT contact, select an owner in the list and click Assign IT Contact.
  6. Optional: To change the primary owner, select an owner in the list and click Assign Primary Owner.
  7. Click OK.

For an example of how to set ownership of a Terraform backend, see Snow Software's public Cloud Management Integrations repository on GitHub.