Integrate SMTP Servers with Commander

You can set up Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) that enables Commander to:

  • send policy alerts to administrators
  • send emails to users who request VMs
  • send emails to actors in the commissioning process through the optional approval and post-deployment workflow

See also the Snow Commander Knowledge Base article Troubleshooting SMTP Failures.

Set up SMTP


Configuration > System

Available to:

Commander Role of Superuser

  1. Click the SMTP tab.
  2. On the SMTP page, click Edit for either the Primary SMTP Server or Secondary SMTP Server.
  3. In the SMTP dialog, enter the host name or IP address of the SMTP server in the Host/IP field.

    If your email server doesn't use the default port, 25, specify the port number.

  4. In the Sender Email field, enter an email address of your choice (such as "") to identify the sender.
  5. If required for authentication on the SMTP server, enter a user name and password.
  6. If required, enable Use TLS and/or Use SSL.
  7. If you don't want the configuration to take effect immediately, clear Enabled.

    You can return to this task at any time.

  8. Enter the email account to which you want to send a test email, and click Send.

    Commander attempts to send a test email to the email account you specified and displays a success or failure message.

  9. Click OK.

    To clear SMTP settings for the primary or secondary SMTP server, click Clear and confirm the operation.