State Transitions for Requested Services and Components

Service requests, services, and components progress through various states.

For an example of how to fulfill, assign, and link service requests, see Fulfill Service Requests.

Possible States

  • The possible states for requested service and components are:
  • PENDING_APPROVAL — The request has been submitted. This is the first state of any existing request.
  • APPROVED — The requested service has been approved.
  • IN_PROGRESS — The service request is being worked on by an administrator.
  • COMPLETED — The service request has been successfully completed.
  • REJECTED — The service request has been rejected.
  • DEPLOYED — The service has been created, but the request isn't yet completed.
  • PENDING_COMPLETION — The service has been deployed. It's marked as ready for release to the requester, and any post-deployment completion workflows will be run.

If you get a message that the request has failed and you can't fix the cause of the failure, you should reject the request to release quota reservations. You can then resubmit the request.

State transitions for new service requests

Once all service-level completion workflows have finished, the entire service request moves to Completed.


State transitions for all services in a new service request

Once all component-level completion workflows have finished, the entire service moves to Completed.


State transitions for all components in a service — new service request

Once the component-level completion workflow has finished, the component moves to Completed.

Note that because Custom Components are not deployed, they automatically advance from Pending Deployment to Pending Completion, triggering the component-level completion workflow.


State transitions for change requests

Once all completion workflows have finished, the entire change request moves to Completed.