Synchronize Inventory

Commander automatically retrieves updates from cloud accounts to ensure that the inventory is synchronized. By default, updates from AWS, GCP, and Azure are retrieved every 60 minutes, while updates from Kubernetes are retrieved every 5 minutes.

If you require more frequent updates, you can configure the update frequency when you add or edit a cloud account. For information about adding a cloud account, see Cloud Account Management.

The last update time is displayed on the Summary tab for public cloud accounts.

More frequent updates (meaning lower values for this setting) may impact Commander performance, especially in large installations.

An advanced system property can be used to define an update frequency of less than 10 minutes. For more information, create a case through the Snow Support Portal.

You can manually synchronize the inventory if:

  • A discrepancy exists between the inventory displayed in Commander and the inventory displayed in the cloud account.
  • You have made configuration changes in a cloud account that you want those changes to display in Commander.


Views > Inventory

Available to:

Administrator and All Operator Levels of Access Rights

  1. Click the Infrastructure, Applications, or Storage tab.
  2. From the Inventory tree, select a cloud account.
  3. Select Actions > Synchronize Inventory.
  4. Click OK.