Commander Jenkins Plugin

Jenkins plugins allow you to integrate additional applications and tools with your Jenkins automation server and add functionality to the Jenkins build process.

The Commander Jenkins plugin for automation servers (Jenkins version 1.651.3 or higher) allows you to configure a Jenkins build job to request virtual services and run command workflows in a Commander instance (version 8.0 or higher) as part of building, deploying and installing a project.

Using the Commander Jenkins plugin, you can add any of the following build steps to freestyle projects:

  • Request virtual services.
  • Run command workflows.
  • Wait steps to ensure that requests or workflows have sufficient time to complete.

The Commander plugin enables more effective continuous integration and delivery for improved DevOps capabilities. Using the Commander plugin allows you to quickly add Commander build steps — you don't need to create lengthy and complex scripts to include in your Jenkins job.

For example, with the help of the Commander plugin you can create a Jenkins job with Commander build steps that each day would delete the test virtual machine from the previous day, submit a service request to deploy a new VM, and install the most recent build of your software on the new VM.