View Current Workflows

For easy access, current workflows are displayed in the Workflows tab, which is always present at the bottom of the Admin Portal. Current workflows are those that are no more than five minutes old.


Workflows tab at bottom of console

Available to:

All Access Rights Levels

To view the current workflows, click the Workflows tab at bottom of console.


  • The Tasks, Workflows, and Alerts tabs are minimized by default, but if you expand the tabs, your setting is preserved between sessions.
  • To view more details for a listed workflow, double-click the workflow.

Displayed workflow information

The following information can be displayed for listed workflows.




The sequential number of the workflow, regardless of workflow type.


The name of the workflow.


The type of workflow, for example, command workflow or approval workflow.


The target of the workflow action.

Initiated By

The name of the user account or task that requested/started the task.

Date Submitted

The date and time the task was placed in the queue for processing.


The status of the workflow: running or completed.

Step Number

The number of the step per number of steps within the workflow. If only one step exists, the comment is "1 of 1".

Current Step

The name of the current step.

Step Duration

The elapsed time for the step (before moving onto the next step or before completion of the workflow).


Indicates whether an error occurred.


Displays the details of the step.

Date Completed

The date and time the workflow completed.


The elapsed time for the entire workflow to complete.

Step Start

The date and time the step started.


  • You can filter your search based on any combination of these fields.
  • To change what columns are displayed, right-click the list and select Pick Columns.