VM Sharing

You can share exact copies of your vCenter VMs with other users and groups. This can be useful, for example, if you discover a defect with an application during testing. In this case, to speed up the resolution of the defect, you could share your exact VM configuration with all the users in your organization or with a specific developer.

VM sharing is supported only for vCenter VMs.

When you share a vCenter VM, a VM snapshot is created, then a service catalog entry based on the snapshot is created. This service catalog entry is visible only to administrators and those user you chose to share the VM with; in the service catalog, (Shared) is appended to the service name.

Only a single VM in a fenced network can be shared. The requested VM is deployed as a new fenced service with the same network settings as the source VM. It's not possible to share multiple VMs from a fenced network as a new fenced network, to share an entire fenced network, or to share a VM into an existing fenced network.

By default, the users you select to share the VM with will receive an automatic Shared Service email that provides them with a hyperlink to the New Service Request form for the service. The process for users to request a shared VM work and the VM's deployment is the same as it is for other new service requests with the exception that because a shared VM is based on a snapshot, a requester can't change the CPU or memory resources.