Step 2: Configure Application Placement Strategy

Notice that once you've completed Step 1: Configure Organization Quotas in the Getting Started with Cloud Automation wizard, subsequent steps in automating the new service request process follow the tabs shown in the image below, from left to right. Let's continue to the Placement tab.

Configure a Global Placement Strategy

Intelligent Placement ensures that service requests are deployed to the best location. In this step, you create a customized global placement strategy for new services.

Placement priority

When Commander predicts and selects the best deployment destination for a new service request, it first filters out invalid destinations. Each valid destination is then rated, based on the following criteria:

  • Placement attributes: Does this destination provide the capabilities preferred for this service?
  • Quota: How much quota is available on this destination for the requester and the requester's organization, when per-destination quota is configured?
  • Cost: How much will this service cost on this destination?

By default, these three factors are prioritized in the order they appear above, but if cost is more important to you than quota, for example, you can customize the priority.

Datastore placement

Datastore placement settings apply to vCenter and SCVMM cloud accounts. You can customize how full a datastore must be before Commander no longer deploys to it, how datastores are chosen for deployment, and how disk size is calculated.

How much of a datastore's storage must be consumed before you stop automatically deploying VMs to it? Should Commander choose the datastore with the most free space, or leave the largest block of space unused?

It's important to understand the concept of "reserved storage". Commander reserves storage as soon as deployment of a new service request or fulfillment of a change request starts. This is true for manual deployment and fulfillment, automated deployment and fulfillment, scheduled fulfillment, vCenter migration, and the manual Reconfigure Resources command. This ensures that new and expanded disks are placed on a datastore with sufficient storage space. Once deployment or fulfillment has succeeded (or failed), the storage reservation is released.

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