Step 3: Configure Automatic Fulfillment of Approved Requests

Commander provides flexible options for the automation of change request fulfillment. You can specify distinct options for each of your change request forms. As with new service requests, change requests can move from approval to completion with no intervention.

Design considerations

For each type of change request, decide whether fulfillment should be:

  • Manual or automatic
  • Immediate, scheduled, or during the maintenance window

Do you need to configure different behavior for changes requiring power-down? You can create an approval workflow that causes change requests requiring a power-down to be automatically fulfilled during the next maintenance window. Or, you can add conditional workflow steps that are executed only when the change requires a power-down, providing fine-grained control over change request approval and fulfillment.

Best practices

Automate change request fulfillment whenever possible, to remove unnecessary burden from your administrators.

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