Deploy Commander in AWS

This section describes the basic steps and configuration required to deploy the Commander environment in AWS.

To complete this deployment, a user should be familiar with AWS EC2, RDS, VPC, and Security Groups. As well the user should be comfortable with the AWS CLI to deploy a CloudFormation template.

The typical deployment process can be completed in 60 minutes.

This section also provides guidance on how to begin managing AWS accounts with Commander after it has been deployed and how to maintain the Commander environment.

Recommended architecture

The deployment that's described relies on the sample CloudFormation template provided in AWS Configuration Files.

The CloudFormation template creates the following components:

  • A Windows EC2 instance to host the Commander application server
  • An RDS instance with Microsoft SQL Server installed, for the Commander database
  • An ElasticLoadBalancer with its associated HTTPS listener resources
  • Security groups for the EC2 instance and the RDS instance

The following diagram shows the recommended architecture as created by the provided CloudFormation template.

Commander Environment Created by CloudFormation Template

Commander AWS Architecture Diagram