8.6.0 Release Notes

Release date: 2021-04-20

Snow Commander Release Notes for version 8.6.0, covering new features, upgrade notes, deprecated and removed features, resolved issues, and known issues. To access release notes for previous releases, go to the Release Notes Archive.

What's new

Upgrade notes

You can upgrade to Commander version 8.6.0 from versions 8.0.x - 8.5.x. See Upgrading Commander in the Installation Guide.

Before upgrading, it's recommended that you review all release notes between the version you're currently using and the version you're upgrading to. Release notes for previous Commander versions are available at Release Notes Archive.

Upgrading to version 8.6.0 from a previous version will affect the following:

  • After the upgrade is complete, the Migrate Billing Records task will launch to migrate billing data to a new table format. The time to run the task may exceed an hour in large environments.

  • Cloud Billing and VM Billing reports, and saved searches that were scheduled before upgrading to version 8.7 won't have parameters set for multicurrency, so after upgrading, the currency settings will default to USD. After upgrade, you can change the currency settings to any currency you choose. For more information, see Generate scheduled reports and Run and Schedule Saved Searches.
  • Commander can work with currencies supported by the European Central Bank. If the default currency isn't one of these, then it will be defaulted to USD.

Deprecations and removals

These are the deprecations and removals for version 8.6.0. Any deprecations or removals encountered in subsequent 8.6 releases will be noted in the relevant release notes.


  • VM Billing Report for Public Clouds: You can use the VM Billing Report for private cloud environments; however, for public or hybrid cloud environments it's recommended that you use the Cloud Billing Report. The ability to use the VM Billing Report for public clouds will be removed in a future release.
  • End of Life Policy, Suspect Policy, and Approval Policy and the relevant VM states are deprecated as of version 7.0.2 and will be removed in a future release.

Resolved issues

  • 19714 You can import billing data with the REST API for a specified date regardless of the time zone set for the Commander server.
  • 19656 Billing records are no longer created for a virtual machine when you use the REST API to import billing data with the virtual machine's remote ID.
  • 19618 If embotics.portal.networks.destinationlimited is set to true, and a VM isn't associated with a deployment destination, no networks will be shown in the Service Portal Reconfigure VM Resources dialog except those already associated with a NIC.

Known issues

These are the known issues for version 8.6.0. Any known issues encountered in subsequent 8.6 releases will be noted in the relevant release notes.

  • 18280 The estimated license cost for an Azure SQL VM incorrectly displays the license cost on the SQL Server. It should display the license cost on the VM that the SQL Server is running on. Note that the actual costs for an Azure SQL VM are correctly displayed.
  • 16002 When the WebMKS console connection method is configured, Internet Explorer 11 users may be unable to see the mouse pointer in the console session.

    Workaround: To open a console to a Windows VM from Internet Explorer 11 when using WebMKS, try enabling mouse trails with the shortest option. Or, use the VMRC plug-in method instead of the WebMKS method. For Linux VMs, use the VMRC plug-in connection method. See Console connection methods to learn how to change the console connection method for HTML5 browsers.

  • 9223 In some cases, when you attempt to generate a Cloud Billing report and use the Group By option of Cost Adjustments, the report will fail to generate.