8.7.1 Release Notes

Release date: 2021-07-06

The release notes for Snow Commander version 8.7.1 include new features, upgrade notes, deprecated and removed features, resolved issues, and known issues. To access release notes for previous versions, go to the Release Notes Archive.

What's new

There are no new features for version 8.7.1.

Upgrade notes

You can upgrade to Commander version 8.7.1 from versions 8.0.x - 8.7.0. See Upgrade Commander in the Installation Guide.

Before upgrading, it's recommended that you review all release notes between the version you're currently using and the version you're upgrading to. Release notes for previous Commander versions are available at Release Notes Archive.

Deprecations and removals

There are no deprecations or removals for version 8.7.1. Any deprecations or removals encountered in subsequent releases will be noted in the relevant release notes.

Resolved issues

  • 20815 When you make changes to a cost model, the projected costs displayed for virtual machines no longer default to $0, but display the appropriate costs.
  • 20751 Cloud costing now works properly when a Windows account or domain account is used for the database connection.
  • 20731, 20813 Emails related to change requests now correctly display the resource changes requested by Service Portal users.
  • 20731 Approval emails now correctly display the resource changes that are requested by Service Portal users.
  • 20725 A system property has been added to disable real time cost updates and reduce the load on the observation queue.
  • 20660 When the Cloud Billing report includes Markup and Discounts, the costs are calculated properly based on the selected currency.
  • 20542 In multi-tenant environments, Service Portal users can now only select change requests assigned to the organization for which they are currently logged in to. To access the change requests assigned to another organization they belong to, they must switch their organizational view.
  • 20304 After a private cloud billing reset, all storage costs are recreated.

Known issues

There are no known issues for version 8.7.1. Any known issues encountered in subsequent releases will be noted in the relevant release notes.