9.1.0 Release Notes

Release date: 2022-07-05

The release notes for Snow Commander® version 9.1.0 include new features and enhancements, upgrade notes, deprecated features, and corrections. To access release notes for previous versions, go to the Release Notes Archive.


Commander has added a new Report Authentication option which limits access to reports to only those who are authorized to see them. This option is suitable for Managed Service Providers or other environments where reports may contain sensitive details and should only be accessible to authorized users.

To activate this feature, administrators must enable the Report Authentication system property (requireAuthOnReports). This will secure the reports, making them available to valid Admin Portal and Service Portal users with the permissions required to access the reports.


This release introduces the following enhancements to existing functionality:

Upgrade notes

You can upgrade directly to Commander version 9.1.0 from versions 8.5.x - 9.0.x. For more information, see Upgrade Commander.

Before upgrading, it's recommended that you review all release notes between the version you're currently using and the version you're upgrading to. Release notes for previous Commander versions are available in the Release Notes Archive.


  • 25561 When retrieving billing records for Azure Pay-As-You-Go accounts, Commander now correctly handles the Meter category that isn't provided by the Azure API.
  • 25426 The Scheduled Update Capacity Task will now return Success when hosts in expected operational states such as Maintenance mode are unreachable. This will avoid needlessly alarming admins who are expected to investigate when Tasks return with a Failed status.
  • 24889 Correct cost of custom components on currency other than USD. When retrieving the costs for the catalog and when requesting new service, the non-USD cost currency for the unmanaged components is now displaying correctly.
  • 24735 Fixed change request forms to ensure that the current CPU count of the VM is always an option in the drop-down list.
  • 24422 Organization admins can now delete Service Portal users who have been deleted from an Active Directory or LDAP user directory.
  • 23902 Predefined public cloud costs are now updated as expected by the included script in the job workflow.
  • 23307 Validation was added to ensure proper names are assigned to disks created during AWS Service Catalog requests.
  • 22369 The new system property embotics.storage.pertier.calculationmethod can be configured to ensure storage tier usage accurately reflects the selected storage cost option.
  • 18727 A default limit has been added to block the export of large quantities of costing data from the Commander UI.

Deprecations and removals

These are the deprecations and removals for version 9.1.0.




Media library support is deprecated, and this functionality will be removed in a future release.


Splitting single service cost among multiple organizations.


Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) Integration. Notification systems that use SNMP trap listeners must be updated.


Splunk integration. Rightsizing recommendations based on guest OS performance metrics are no longer supported.


Cost models for public cloud will no longer be targeted at anything below the account level. Cost models will still apply below accounts, but must be targeted at the account level.


VM Billing Report for Public Clouds: You can use the VM Billing Report for private cloud environments; however, for public or hybrid cloud environments it's recommended that you use the Cloud Billing Report. The ability to use the VM Billing Report for public clouds will be removed in a future release.


The /cloud-accounts/{id}/access-rights/{user} endpoints in the Commander API are now deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use /users/{name}/access-rights/cloud-accounts and /users/{name}/access-rights/datacenters instead.


Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014 is deprecated as of version 8.7.0 and will be removed in a future release.


vSphere datastore scanning is deprecated, and this functionality will be removed in a future release.


Service Portal access for non-organizational users is deprecated, and this functionality will be removed in a future release.


Quarterly and weekly timespans for displaying costs in the Admin Portal and the Service Portal are being deprecated. The options that will remain for showing costs are Daily, Monthly, and Annually.


End of Life Policy, Suspect Policy, and Approval Policy and the relevant VM states are deprecated as of version 7.0.2 and will be removed in a future release.

Known issues

To view any potential issues that have been raised by the Commander support team, go to the Known Issues section of the Snow Support Hub.