Request VM Clones

In the Service Portal, you can request a clone of a VM. A clone is a full copy of an existing VM and its properties —with the exception that it may not have the exact same network configuration.

As a Service Portal user, you do not have control over the network configuration for the deployed clone. The clone request goes through the same approval process as other service requests. Once approved, the clone is placed into a deployment destination.

Within that deployment destination, the network for the clone will be selected based on the network zone that the source VM currently uses (the network of the source NIC). However, if there a multiple networks configured for the deployment destination, the first network will be selected based on alphabetic order.

Requesting a clone isn't supported for all platforms.

  1. From the Applications page, select a VM.

    You can also select a VM from the Applications widget on the Dashboard.

  2. From the Actions menu, select Requests > Request Clone.
  3. In the Request Clone dialog, fill out the required information and click Next.
  4. Review the request summary and click Submit.