Compare VMs

For any specific date, you can select and compare two VMs (including templates) to determine the differences between them. For example, you can compare a VM to itself over a period of time to see what changes have occurred.

  1. Select a VM or if you know which two VMs you'd like to compare, Shift+Click to highlight them.
  2. From the Actions menu, choose VM > Compare.

    If you have two VMs selected, the action is Compare Two VMs.

  3. Use the drop-down menu to change one or both of the VMs you previously selected.
  4. Select or change the date for which you want the comparison to take place.
  5. Click Categories and select any compare options.
  6. Click Compare.

    The results of the comparison are displayed in the Results panel.

  7. Expand any of the compare option titles to see the details of the results.

    The default is set to display differences only. Click the Show Only Differences toggle to switch between only showing differences and showing all properties.