Enable Azure Hybrid Benefits

You can enable or clear the Azure Hybrid Benefit for your Azure Virtual Machines running Windows Server or Azure SQL databases through the Service Portal.

Applying the Azure Hybrid Benefit for your Windows Server or Azure SQL databases can save software licensing fees when you have existing license entitlements Windows Server or Azure SQL databases. For more information, see Manage Cloud Software License Costs

What you can see and do in the Service Portal depends on the permissions associated with the role that your administrator has assigned you. It may also depend on whether you've been granted ownership of services, deployed resources, or virtual services. Unless otherwise noted, the provided procedures assume that you have the highest level of permissions and ownership of relevant resources and virtual services.

  1. Select Applications from the left menu.
  2. From the Applications page, select an Azure VM or an Azure SQL database.
    • If you click a service's blue, linked name, the summary page for that service is displayed.
    • To select multiple services, Ctrl-click or Shift-click anywhere in the table row for the service except for the linked service name, which will display the service's summary page.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • For Azure VMs, select Actions > VM > Enable Azure Hybrid Benefit.
    • For Azure SQL databases, select Actions > Database > Enable Azure Hybrid Benefit.
  4. In the Set Azure Hybrid Benefit dialog, select Apply Azure Hybrid Benefit to confirm that you have Windows Server license entitlements that can be applied, and click OK.