Set Values for Custom Attributes

Custom attributes are set up by your system administrator to help provide extra information about a service. If custom attributes have been defined, you may have the option of entering details in the Service Portal. For example, if an administrator has set up Cost Center Code as a custom attribute, you can enter the cost center code for that service.

  • If you don't have permission to enter details, you can select Actions > View Custom Attributes to view the current values.
  • Custom attributes may also be displayed on the summary pane for the service.

Because you would typically set different custom attribute values for a virtual service and its children, custom attribute values set for a virtual service aren't inherited by its children. The same holds true for application stacks and auto scaling groups.

  1. Select a service.
  2. Select Actions > Attributes > Set Custom Attributes.
  3. In the Set Custom Attributes dialog, enter a value for one or more of the custom attribute fields that have been set up by your system administrator, and click Save.

    If the custom attribute has a required format, a validation error is displayed for input that doesn't meet the required format.