Request New Services

  1. Go to the Service Catalog.

    To save time, you can copy an existing service request. Select a new service request and click Copy Request. Make any changes you want and submit the request. Note that if the service catalog entry upon which the request was based has changed in the meantime (for example, if a component was added or removed), a warning is displayed, and you can't copy the request.

  2. On the Service Catalog page, for the service that you want to add, click Add Service on the right. Or, if the catalog is displayed as thumbnails, click on a thumbnail.
  3. For the New Service Request, complete the form that appears.

    You must complete all fields marked with an asterisk (*).


    • Complete the fields in the order, from the top of the form to the bottom. If you go back and re-populate fields of a form, you may lose your some of your selections.
    • If you have permission to see cost information, as you customize your service request, the cost is automatically updated and displayed at the top of the page in your preferred currency.
    • If you see the Override icon next to a field, you can override the value set for the service as a whole. You can use this to override one of the components in a service, so changing the value for the service has no effect for that component.
  4. If you're allowed to select the destination where the service will be deployed, you can select from all of the valid deployment destinations for this service. When you select Let the system decide and multiple destinations are available, the destination with the highest capacity is displayed as the expected destination.
  5. When you've completed the form, click Next to advance to the Summary page.
  6. To add another service to the request, on the Summary page, click Add.

    This option may be unavailable if your administrator has configured service requests that will only permit a single service to be provisioned per request.

  7. To make changes to any item in your cart, click Customize.
  8. When you're finished, click Submit.

    The request is transmitted to the system administrator.

    You can now track the progress of your request by returning to the Service Requests page and viewing the request details.

    If you go to another page before submitting your request, the contents of your request are saved until you sign out.