Set Service Expiry Dates

To help you manage services, you can set, change or clear expiry dates. After you set an expiry date, you can:

  • instantly identify when a service will expire by displaying the date on the Details pane
  • search for services based on their expiry state

An expiry date set for a virtual service, application stack or auto scaling group automatically applies to all of its children, overriding existing values. But you can always apply a different expiry date to a child VM if required.

  1. Select the service in the tree.
  2. From the Actions menu, choose Attributes > Set Expiry Date.
  3. In the Set Expiry Date dialog, choose one of these options:
    • To clear any previous expiry date, select No Expiry Date.
    • To set the service to never expire, indicating that it's permanently available, select Never Expires.

      If you select this option, any Expiry Policy set by your system administrator has no effect on this service.

    • To set an expiry date, select Specific Date and select the date for the service's expiry.
  4. Click Save.