Can't Sign In with Windows Session Authentication

If you enable the option Use Windows session authentication on the Service Portal sign in screen, but you're prompted for your credentials after clicking Sign in, your browser likely needs to be configured.

If the following does not solve your problem, contact your system administrator.

Edge and Chrome

Add the domain name to the Local Intranet security zone:

  1. Press the Windows Key + S and enter Internet Options in the search.
  2. Select Internet Options from the resulting list.
  3. In the Internet Properties dialog, go to the Security tab.
  4. Click Local intranet, then click Sites.
  5. In the Local intranet dialog, click Advanced.
  6. Enter the domain in the text field, and click Add.

    Where heightened security is important, use the exact host name of the Commander server (the fully qualified domain name).

    Local Internet dialog

  7. Click Close.

  8. Back in the Internet Properties dialog, go to the Advanced tab.
  9. In the Settings Security section, select Enable Integrated Windows Authentication, then click OK.

    This setting requires a computer restart.

    Iternet Options


  1. In Firefox, navigate to the page about:config.
  2. Acknowledge the warranty warning.
  3. Double-click network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris.
  4. Add the domain name and click OK.

    Use commas to separate multiple values.

    Firefox configuration