Track Service Requests

Your service request can have one of the states described in the following table as it progresses along the path from submission to completion.

Depending on the approval process in your organization, you may not see all of the states that a request can go through. For example, your request could go from "Pending Approval" to "Completed" without going through any of the states in between.

Request StateWhat it means

Pending Approval

Your service request has been sent to the administrator or other approvers.


Final approval has been given. The service isn't available yet for you to use.

In Progress

The service has been approved and is being deployed. It isn't yet available for you to use.

Deployed (Change Requests only)

The service is ready to be released.

Pending Completion (Change Requests only)

Post-deployment work is being performed on the service.


The service request is completed. Any VM, virtual service, load balancer, auto scaling group, and database components are available in the tree and ready for you to use.


Your request has been rejected.

Track your service request

  1. Select Service Requests in the left menu.
  2. Click the ID link for a listed service request to view the service request details.

    The Request Details page provides details for the request. The table highlights changes in the request form, as well as errors and resolution messages.

  3. Click Comments to view more details on the events related to the request.

    For example, if quota is configured, you'll see the Quota Reservation for this request.

  4. To add a comment to the service request, at the top of the comments list, enter your comment and click .

    Comments you add can be viewed by administrators. Comments are displayed in the language they are written in.