View software licensing information

You can view public cloud software licensing information for the following deployed services that you own:

  • Azure VMs — You can view whether the Azure Hybrid Benefit is enabled or if it isn't applicable (as would be the case, for example, for Linux VMs). You can also view the number of cores used.
  • AWS EC2 instances — You can view the Tenancy model, number of cores, and Image ID used.
  • Azure SQL databases — You can view whether the Azure Hybrid Benefit is enabled, the license model used, and more. The following types of Azure SQL databases are tracked: Azure SQL Databases, Azure Managed Instances, and Azure SQL VMs.
  1. Select Applications from the left menu.
  2. From the Applications page, select the linked name of an Azure VM, Azure SQL database, or an AWS EC2 instance.

    The summary page for the service opens and provides detailed information for the service.

If you don't see the licensing information that you're looking for on the Summary page, click in the Details section to add and remove displayed properties.