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External access

With External access you can allow Snow Software employees and the authorized users for your selected accredited partners to sign in to your Snow Atlas system. Granting this access permits Snow Software and your selected partners to assist you and provide the services you require.

To watch a video explaining how to enable external access for your Snow partner, see Set up external access.


When you grant external access to your system, you grant system administrator access to specific partners.


When you grant and enable external access, the third party gains access to your system and data. You must ensure that you have the appropriate data protection agreements in place with that third party.

When you enable Snow Software's access, this allows Snow Software employees to sign in to your system to assist you when required. You can edit this access to be continuous, enabled for a specific period, or disabled but you cannot delete it.

To authorize partners to access your system, you must select them from the accredited partners listed, and grant them access. If the partner that you want to grant access to is not listed, contact your partner to ensure that their domain is enabled in Snow Atlas. You can set up or edit the external access granted to your partners to be continuous, enabled for a specific period, or disabled. You can also delete the partner's external access.

When you grant access to your partner, the partner must authorize the individuals in their organization who are permitted to sign in to your system. You can view a list of users with access by hovering over the user icon.


If your partner authorizes someone to access your system through their partner access, the same person cannot be listed in your system as a user.

For more information on how an accredited partner accesses your system, see Partner Service Layer.