Install Snow Extender

Snow Extender enables data to be collected and transferred from the customer premises to Snow Atlas. Snow Extender is created, downloaded, and installed in Snow Atlas.

Before you install a new Snow Extender, make sure that the System Requirements are met.

Create new Snow Extender

When you create a new Snow Extender a secret key is generated. This secret key is used when you install the Snow Extender.

  1. On the Data Collection menu, select Snow Extenders.

  2. Select Create new Snow Extender.

  3. Enter a descriptive name for your Snow Extender in Snow Extender name.

  4. Optionally, enter additional information about your Snow Extender in Description.

  5. Select your enrollment site from the Enrollment site list.

  6. Select Generate secret key.

  7. Select Copy to copy the secret key and then save the key in a secure location.


    You are not able to restore a secret key. If you lose the secret key and want to install this Snow Extender, you must re-generate a secret key and use that one instead.

  8. Select Finish.

Download and install Snow Extender

  1. Select Download Snow Extender.

    The Snow Extender is downloaded.

  2. Run the downloaded Snow Extender installation file.

    The Snow Extender Setup dialog box appears.

  3. Select a folder to install Snow Extender in.

    The default location is C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Extender but any path can be used.

    A window appears and asks if you want to open the configuration tool.

  4. Select Install.

    The Open configuration dialog box appears and asks if you want to open the configuration tool.

  5. To open the configuration tool for Snow Extender, select Yes.

    The Enrollment missing dialog box appears.

  6. To enroll Snow Extender, select Yes.

  7. Enter the secret key generated in Create new Snow Extender.

  8. Select Enroll.

  9. Select Yes.

    The Snow Extender Configurator opens.

To configure Snow Extender, see Configure Snow Extender.