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Add or edit custom objects — Reference

Refer to the table below for field descriptions when you want to add or edit a custom object in SAM Core on Snow Atlas.


The Properties tab lets you manage information on the object. The properties in the Property values table depend on the object type.

Field label


Object type

The selected object type for the object. (Required)

The object type cannot be changed for an existing object.


The name of the object. (Required)


The organization node that the object belongs to. (Required)

Name (Property values)

The name of the object property.


The value of the object property.

Linked computer

The computer that the object is linked to, if any.

Linked user

The user that the object is linked to, if any.

After object has been saved, open new form for same object type

If selected, the system will automatically go to Add object when you save. The same object type as the one you just saved will be selected. Use this to speed up the registration process when adding multiple objects.