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Prepare Atlassian Trello connector

The Atlassian Trello connector retrieves information about subscriptions, users, and user activity.

In Trello, you are required to create a power-up, generate an API key and an API token, locate your Organization ID, and enter them in Settings when adding the connector.


A Trello account, that is a member of the team you want to track, is required to connect to the Trello API. The account consists of a username and password. The users should only be part of the team for which you create a connector. In that way, the collected user activity data is limited to the activity in that specific team.


  1. Sign in to Trello and navigate to:

  2. Create a power-up.

    1. Select New.

    2. In New Power-Up or Integration, enter a name.

    3. Select a Workspace.

    4. Select Create.

  3. Generate an API key.

    1. Select your newly created power-up, and select the API key tab.

    2. Select Generate a new API Key.

    3. Select Generate new API Key.

    4. Copy and save the API key. It is used when adding the connector.

  4. Generate an API token.

    1. Next to the API key, select the Token link.

    2. Select Allow.

    3. Copy and save the generated token. It is used when adding the connector.

  5. Find the organization ID for the team.

    1. Go to your Trello dashboard and select your team.

    2. Copy and save the team name. It is used when adding the connector.

      It is the {teamname} part of the browser URI{teamname}/home when signed in to Trello.

  6. When adding the connector, in Settings, enter the saved values in API key, API token, and Organization ID.

After completing this task, follow the general procedure to Add connectors.

The connector makes API calls to the vendor to retrieve data.