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Oracle overview

The Oracle overview shows detailed information about the Oracle environment. This information is only shown if the Oracle Management Option is installed, in which case the information is presented on five tabs according to the following table.



Overview Products

From the Overview Products tab, you get visibility of the compliance of your Oracle products, and an overview of your Oracle licences and associated costs. The tab is divided in two views:

  • The Compliance summary view gives you an overview of your compliance for your entire Oracle estate, and also broken down by product type or product.

  • The Order summary view gives you an overview of the number of Oracle licenses per product, and your Oracle licenses costs per organization.


The Recommendations tab provides a starting point for optimization of your Oracle environment. The information is divided into two parts:

  • Recommendations list

    The Recommendations list shows recommendations for a number of devices or computers that should be further investigated in your Oracle environment. An arrow or circle on the icon for each recommendation indicates if the number has increased (red arrow) or decreased (green arrow) since the last scan. To show a report of the computers or devices that should be investigated, click the recommendation.

  • Environment overview of discovered computers and License cost overview graphs

    The Environment overview of discovered computers graph visualizes to what extent the computers in your environment have been inventoried. To show the exact number of computers, point to the respective bar.

    The License cost overview graph shows the Oracle order cost in relation to total licensing costs. Note that only licenses with available cost information is shown here.


The Products tab shows all Oracle database, middleware, and Java editions installed in your environment.

To view the details of a database, middleware, or Java edition, select it from the list on the left. An overview will appear in the view pane and information about, for example, the number of installations, servers, and orders will appear in the left-hand list. Select Go to to see more detailed information on the Database editions detail view, Middleware editions detail view, and Java editions detail view respectively.


The Entitlements tab shows a list of:

  • All registered Oracle agreements (on the Agreements view)

    • To view detailed information for a specific agreement, click the agreement row to go to the Agreements detail view.

    • To view how to import Oracle agreements in bulk, go to Import data.

    • To view how to add, edit, and delete an Oracle agreement and how to manage sub-agreements go to Agreements.

  • All registered Oracle orders[a] (on the Orders view)

  • The license compliance status of all virtual machines, physical servers, and datacenters/clusters (on the License Assignments view)

  • All auto assignment rules (on the Auto assignment tab)


The Reports tab shows all available Oracle reports.

For more information, see Reports.

[a] An Oracle order includes a customer's entitlement details related to a specific Oracle purchase: amount of licenses, support status, associated maintenance agreements, product use rights, and more.