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Compliance example 4

This example displays where compliance exclusions are displayed in other areas of the user interface than Administration.


Displaying an application with the Compliance tab selected shows compliance exclusions.


Displaying an application with the Applications tab selected shows compliance exclusions where the Entitlement state is No requirement.


Displaying details of a computer with the Applications tab selected will display the remark "EXC" if compliance is excluded.

Compliance exclusions in reports

The following reports are related to the compliance exclusion functionality:

  • Compliance exclusions

    Displays the computer name and excluded application, among other examples.

    The Reason column displays the reason for the exclusion.

  • Compliance summary

    Displays a compliance summary for applications.

  • License tracking per computer

    Displays license tracking per computer.

    By adding the column named Requirement adjustment reasons, "Manual exclusions" is displayed where compliance exclusion is used.

  • Windows Server Assessment - 2012 licensing

  • Windows Server Assessment - 2016 licensing

  • Windows Server Assessment - 2019 licensing

  • Windows Server Assessment - 2022 or later licensing

  • Windows Server Assessment - Lowest-cost licensing

    These Windows Server Assessment reports can have the column named Excluded Windows Server VMs added, which displays the number of Windows Server VMs that are excluded.

For the Compliance summary report, an example use is to add the columns "Manual exclusions" and "Requirement adjustment reasons," which displays the number of manual exclusions for a specific application, and the reasons for this.