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Create AWS reports

You can create a new AWS cost and usage report to connect with Snow Atlas. Follow the instructions below, then go to Set up AWS cloud visibility connectors to complete the connector setup.


  1. In the AWS billing console, go to Cost & Usage Reports on the sidebar menu.

  2. Select Create report.

  3. On the Report content page, configure the following:

    • For Report name, enter a custom name for your report.

    • For Additional report details, select Include resource IDs.

  4. Select Next.

  5. On the Delivery options page, under S3 bucket, select Configure.

  6. Choose an existing S3 bucket to store your report in or create a new S3 bucket. To learn how to create a new S3 bucket, see Creating a bucket.

  7. Select Next. Confirm the default bucket policy, then select Save.

  8. Configure the remaining fields:

    • For Report path prefix, enter the path prefixes that will precede name of your report.

    • Select a Time granularity. This is the frequency at which your reports will be generated. It is recommended you choose Daily for frequent updates, though all granularities are supported in Snow Atlas.

    • For Report versioning, choose whether you want to produce a new version of the report every time it generates, or have each new version of the report overwrite the previous version.

    • For Compression type, choose ZIP or GZIP. Parquet is unsupported in Cloud on Snow Atlas.

  9. Select Next.

  10. Review the details of your report, then select Review and Complete.