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About Package Builder

Use Package Builder to create and download installation packages for Snow Inventory Agents for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Unix.


Snow Inventory Agents are installed on the computers in your organization and regularly collect inventory data, which is eventually used by Snow products such as SAM Core and Snow License Manager.

When creating an installation package, you select the applicable agent type and version and upload the agent configuration file, snowagent.config, that you have prepared for the package. You can also include additional files and scripts, such as the Snow Inventory Oracle Scanners, if you want to add additional capabilities to the agent. For detailed instructions on how to create an installation package, see Create installation packages. For information on available files and scripts, see Scanning modules.

For information on how to configure, install, and use Snow Inventory Agents and Oracle Scanners, see Snow Inventory Agents and Oracle Scanners.

Permission requirements

To access Package Builder, the Snow Atlas user must be assigned a custom role with specific permissions. Custom roles are created by the Snow Atlas System administrator role. For descriptions of how to create or edit custom roles, see Manage roles.

The custom role must include the following permissions:

  • configuration.setting.r

  • packaging.context.r or packaging.context.crud

    packaging.context.r gives the user the right to view and download packages, while packaging.context.crud gives the user the right to create, view, and download packages.

When creating or editing a custom role, you will find the above permissions on the System tab in the permissions list.

Platform tool requirements

The requirements for the platform tools used with the Package Builder packages are listed in System Requirements.


This section gathers reference information for Package Builder. You can look up the meaning of a package status or find downloadable templates for the agent configuration file.

Package status

In the list of packages, the Package status column helps you keep track of the status of your packages. The status of each package is shown as one of the following:

Package status


Available for download

The package has been built and can be downloaded.


The package is in the process of being built.


The build process failed.

Not enqueued

When there is a large number of packages waiting to be built, the status for a package is set to Not enqueued before it is moved to the Pending status.


The package is waiting to be built.

Pending authorization

You must take additional steps before the package can be built, to assure that there is no malicious content in the files you uploaded to the package.

See Authenticate to build installation packages for more information and instructions on how to proceed.

Configuration file templates

You can download and use one of the following configuration file templates to prepare the agent configuration file which you must upload to Package Builder when creating a new installation package.

For a description of the contents of the configuration file, see Agent configuration file.