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Use the Snowboard in SAM Core on Snow Atlas to get a quick overview of status and alerts related to, for example, your inventoried computers and applications.


The Snowboard shows a quick overview of inventory status and alerts in SAM Core. The overview is provided using widgets; small objects in the shape of charts, summaries, and lists with various content.

There are two types of Snowboards:

  • The Default Snowboard is accessible to all users. It can neither be edited nor deleted.

  • The customized Snowboard is only accessible to the user who created it. A user can create several Snowboards and switch between them.

By default, all Snowboards show their content in view mode. To change the appearance or the content of a Snowboard, you must first change it from view mode to edit mode.


The Default Snowboard shows the following information:

  • Inventoried computers per month

    The graph shows Previously inventoried computers and New inventoried computers over the last 12 months.

  • Shortcuts

    Shortcuts to Add license, Add agreement, Administration, and Import.

  • Alert list

    The alerts are sorted as critical and warnings.

  • Computer inventory status

    The pie chart shows the distribution of the inventory status in percentage; computers inventoried yesterday/today, within last week, within last month, and longer than a month ago. Select View data to see what data the widget is based on.

  • Most used applications (avg. minutes)

    The pie chart shows the top five applications based on use time. Select View data to see what data the widget is based on.