PowerShell functionality

The Snow Inventory Agent for Windows has support for running Windows PowerShell scripts as part of the inventory scanning process. The built-in functionality uses the output of the Windows PowerShell scripts to identify software and custom registry keys. These results are sent from the agent to an Inventory Server. This enables scanning of additional information from software products, and can also be used for custom tasks, such as identifying which users are local administrators.

The Snow Inventory Agent will look for scripts with file names starting with "Scan-" and are located in any of the following folders:

  • The working directory: C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent

  • The data folder: C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent\data

  • The psscripts folder: C:\Program Files\Snow Software\Inventory\Agent\psscripts

PowerShell Script Execution Policy

The default PowerShell script execution policy does not apply to scripts written exclusively for Snow Inventory Agent for Windows.