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Filter data in charts and tables in SaaS to only show data that is relevant to you.


There are multiple filter options available to filter data on pages.

Page filters

The page filters affect all data on the page, including tables, and hence exports of the table.

Data in charts and tables can be filtered in several ways:

  • Indicator cards

    Select a card to show relevant data in the chart and the table. This works in combination with any Table filters. Not all cards can be selected, and not all charts can be filtered.

  • Insights

    For some insights, you can select the insight's button to show relevant data in the table, or do an action. Any previous table filter is cleared when selecting the insight's button.

Table filters

The table filters affect all data in the table, as well as exports of the table.

Data in tables can be filtered in several ways:

  • Filter column data

    Use the search function in each column to filter data. Use the operators in the filters for conditional filtering.

    Some columns have checkboxes for filtering on predefined options, or date selectors.

  • Select columns

    Use the Columns menu to select columns to show or hide in the table.

To sort data in tables based on a specific column, select the column header.

You can change the order of columns by drag and drop.


Checkboxes in tables are not filters as such, but used for selection of rows for the Actions menu or for Export.