Manage organization structure

Here are the different ways you can manage organization structure.

Create or import the organization structure. Each node is identified with a unique Organization ID. The Organization ID can not be changed after it has been imported or created.

The organization structure and its nodes can be edited after they have been imported or created. However, neither can the top level in the organization be deleted nor can the Organization ID be changed once set. If a new structure is imported it replaces the existing structure. Note that, if you import a new organization structure then the Organization ID of the top level in the organization must be the same as the existing top level.

Import organization structure

You can download a template for importing the organization structure. You can only download this template if there is no structure already created. Export the organization structure and edit the file if you want to import a new organization structure.

  1. On the Manage menu, select Account settings and then select Organization structure.

  2. Prepare the file with the organization structure.

  3. Select Import organization.

Add nodes to the organization structure or edit nodes

  1. On the Organization structure page, add a new node or edit an existing node:

    • To add a new node, select Add new node on the Actions menu.

      The New node dialog box appears.

    • To edit an existing node, select Edit node on the Actions menu.

      The Edit node dialog box appears.

  2. Select the Parent node.

  3. Enter an Organization ID for the node.


    The Organization ID is a unique identifier of the node and can not be changed later.

  4. Enter an Organization name for the node.


    The Organization name will be displayed in the organization structure and can be changed later

  5. Optionally, select This node is a legal entity.


    The top level of the company is normally registered as the legal organization; that is, the legal entity that owns the software and hardware assets. If the organization has multiple legal entities, there can be multiple legal organization nodes.

  6. Select Add node.

Delete node

  1. On the Organization structure page and on the Actions menu for the node that you want to delete, select Delete node.

    The Delete node dialog box appears.


    The top level node in the organization structure can not be deleted.

  2. Select Delete.

    The node and all its subnodes are deleted.

Export organization structure

  • On the Organization structure page, select Export organization.

    The organization structure is downloaded as a .csv file.

Find nodes in the organization structure

  • On the Organization structure page, start typing search criteria in the Search organization box.

    The organization structure is filtered as you type.