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Configure agent-based browser extensions

Learn how to configure agent-based browser extensions for Snow SaaS Management on Snow Atlas.

This functionality requires locally installed Snow Inventory Agents and browser extensions to collect and process SaaS application usage data, and Snow Extenders to import the data into SaaS on Snow Atlas.


This configuration is applicable to new Snow customers and existing Snow customers who have upgraded to SAM Core on Snow Atlas.

If you have an on-premises Snow environment, but also Snow SaaS Management on Snow Atlas, you need to configure Snow Inventory Server too. See Configure agent-based browser extensions for on-premises plus SaaS for configuration.


You may need help from Snow to install and configure the required technologies.


  1. Install Snow Inventory Agents in your local environment, unless you already have them.

    You are recommended to have the latest version installed.

  2. Configure Snow Inventory Agents to install browser extensions in your local environment, unless you already have it configured. The browser extensions collect SaaS application usage.

    See Cloud application metering for more information and configuration.


    Collection of SaaS application usage requires that your organization's users work in one of the browsers where you have deployed a browser extension. See Browser extensions for a list of browsers.

  3. Configure or update your Snow Extender to get the collected data into SaaS on Snow Atlas.

    1. Install, or update to, Snow Extenders version 2.0.8 or later.

      See Snow Extenders for more information.

    2. Configure the AD Discovery in your extender, and select to inventory users.

      AD discovery is necessary to map your organization's users to the collected browser data.

      See Add Active Directory domains for more information.