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Prepare Aha! connector

The Aha! connector retrieves information about users.

In Aha!, you are required to generate a unique API key, locate the hostname for your instance, and enter them in Settings when adding the connector.


An Aha! user account is required to connect to the Aha! API.

An account with the role Owner is required to set permissions for the account that is used in the connection.


  1. Sign in to Aha! with an account that has the role Owner:

  2. Create a user account that will be used to connect to the Aha! API, or use an existing account.

  3. Set at least Viewer access to the workspace(s) for which you want to collect data.

  4. Generate the API key for the user account and save it in a safe place. It is used when adding the connector.

    The API key cannot be retrieved after navigating away from the page. You can generate a new API key if needed.

  5. Locate the hostname for your Aha! instance.

    It is the {your-company-name} part of the browser URI https://{your-company-name} when signed in to Aha!.

  6. When adding the connector, in Settings, enter the hostname in Endpoint and the API key in Token.

After completing this task, follow the general procedure to Add connectors.

The connector makes API calls to the vendor to retrieve data.