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Consent to Azure Active Directory SSO permissions

Here are the different ways to consent to the permissions required by Snow Atlas for Azure Active Directory (AD) single sign-on.

You must consent to the permissions before you enable Azure AD in Snow Atlas using one of the following procedures.

Consent using Azure AD enterprise application search

You can search and consent to the application registration by searching in Enterprise applications in the Azure portal. This is the recommended procedure.

You must have access to your organization's Azure portal to follow this procedure.

  1. In your organization's Azure portal, navigate to Enterprise applications.

  2. Search for Snow Atlas.

  3. Navigate to Permissions and review them.

    For more information, see Application permissions.

  4. Select Grant admin consent for Snow Software.

Consent using a direct link

If you are not an Azure AD administrator in your organization's Azure tenant, you can use a direct link to the application registration consent. You do this by creating a dynamic link that includes your Azure AD tenant ID.

  1. To find your Azure Active Directory tenant ID, refer to the Microsoft Azure Active Directory documentation.

  2. Copy the Tenant ID provided for your Azure portal.

  3. In the link below, replace tenant-id with the tenant ID that you copy in step 2:{tenant-id}/adminconsent?client_id=85d10ca8-03ef-4d77-ac45-203de8490679

  4. Give this link to your organization's Azure AD administrator, which they need to click to give consent.

Consent as part of the sign-in flow

If you are an Azure AD administrator in your organization's Azure tenant, you can approve the application registration as part of the sign-in flow after you enable the Azure AD single sign-on provider in Snow Atlas.

If you are not an Azure AD administrator, do not use this procedure as you may lock yourself out from the Snow Atlas tenant.

  1. Add and then enable the Azure AD provider. For more information, see Manage single sign-on providers.

  2. After you enable the Azure AD provider, go to User Profile and select Sign out.

  3. Sign in to Snow Atlas, and you are redirected to the Azure AD provider.

  4. Accept the consent prompt that appears and complete the sign-in process.