During the installation of Snow Inventory Agent, an environment variable named %SNOW_AGENT% is created, which points to the Snow Inventory Agent installation folder. This environment variable can be used to dynamically reference the folder from scripts or to browse for the folder in Windows Explorer.

Once installed on a computer, the agent is started by a Windows service named Snow Inventory Agent. The service starts automatically when the computer is started. The service is run by the LOCALSYSTEM account.

The agent consists of one executable file named snowagent.exe, and one configuration file named snowagent.config. These two files are by default located in the same directory. To see a command-line summary of the executable, enter the following command at a command prompt:

snowagent.exe -?

If agent files need to be copied, they can be found on a computer where the agent is already installed. See Location of files.


  • When a configuration file is copied, verify that information on site, agent configuration, and in Snow Atlas is correct.

  • The only supported installation location is %ProgramFiles%.