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Beta information

Thank you for using the beta version of Cloud on Snow Atlas. Initially, Cloud on Snow Atlas will offer visibility into your Azure and AWS cloud usage and costs. Future updates will feature detailed insights on cloud license management.

Cloud visibility — available now

Cloud on Snow Atlas now features Cloud visibility, which offers a complete overview of your Azure and AWS cloud usage and costs.

Data is collected from your organization's cloud providers and shown in a single chart view. You can create custom views of data using a variety of date ranges, groupings, and filters to monitor different aspects of your organization's cloud usage.

Cloud licensing — coming soon

Future updates to Cloud on Snow Atlas will provide detailed insights on cloud licensing. These insights are designed to help SAM and ITAM professionals manage their organization's software licensing entitlements across private data centers and public cloud resources.

The upcoming Cloud licensing update will enable you to identify:

  • BYOL (bring your own license) cloud resources.

  • Cloud resources eligible for conversion to a BYOL solution.

  • The cloud costs you will save by making those conversions.


See below a conceptual design for the future Cloud licensing update planned for Cloud on Snow Atlas.