Web applications

Snow Inventory Agent for Windows can meter usage of web applications. The configuration of which web applications to meter is done in the web user interface of Snow Atlas.

To enable web application metering legacy_webmetering.is_enabled must be configured to true.


From Snow Inventory Agent 6.2 for Windows, the setting idx.endpoint is deprecated. Snow Inventory Agent 6.2 for Windows will retrieve the web application patterns from the first available endpoint in the Snow Inventory Agent configuration file.

Web application patterns will be retrieved every eight hours and when the Snow Inventory Agent is started or restarted.

If new or updated patterns are available they will be downloaded by the agent and stored in the file webapps.config.

All web application patterns in the webapps.config file are monitored for usage. The usage is recorded independently of which type of application connects to the web host, i.e. a web browser or any other application.

Web applications are monitored by the explicit host names and ports that are configured for use. For example, if a user has Snow Inventory Agent for Windows installed, web application metering is enabled, and Snow Inventory Agent is configured to monitor use of www.google.com on port 80, usage of that site will be metered. If the same user is using a proxy, or some other kind of technology that redirects network traffic, so that www.google.com looks like proxy.external.example.com, and/or port 80 is redirected to port 3128, metering will not be possible.