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Application registrations

Registering an unattended application in Snow Atlas creates client credentials that you can use to obtain a token to access Snow Atlas APIs.


The registration allows the application to authenticate using the client credentials grant for OAuth2 to obtain an access token.

When you create an application registration, you set the permissions to grant to the application, according to the least privilege principle. The permissions are not restricted by the Snow Atlas products that you are licensed to use.

After you generate client credentials for an application, to authenticate from your application, you need to construct a token request. For more information, see Authentication with client credentials.

The tabs in Application registrations provide information on different aspects of your organization in Snow Atlas: Applications and General information.


The Applications tab lists the applications that you have registered.

For information on how to manage your application registrations, see Manage application registrations.

General information

The General information tab provides details on your organization in Snow Atlas that you require to access Snow Atlas APIs:

  • Domain name

  • ID

  • Data region